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5 Things You Need to Know about Fat Tire E-bike

HAOQI Cheetah Full Suspension Electric Bike - Flagship Ebike

Technology advancement has recently been ongoing in the e-bike industry, increasing riders' comfort and experience while cycling. Among several developments, fat tires stand out as a significant electric bike component. Fat tires boost electric bike performance, which is why they are often called powerful electric bicycles. 

Despite the increased range and capacity, a fat tire e bike remains portable and affordable. Thus, users will experience ease of usage, cover longer distances, and still ride at a high power output. What other exciting features does a fat tire e bike have? Read on to discover five vital pieces of information you should know.

HAOQI Cheetah Full Suspension Electric Bike - Flagship Ebike

History of Fat Tire Ebike

Electric bikes have existed as far back as the early 1900s. The aim was to produce a long-range ebike that would serve as a better alternative to traditional short-range bicycles. The standard short-range bike limited users in their commute system. They could only cover a short distance as intended. However, the fat tire innovation was only incorporated in 1980, even though it had existed before.

There is no documentation about the first manufacturer of fat tire ebike, except the work of Alaskan Denizen. He welded multiple rims to create electric bicycles with high tensile strength and rolling resistance. It is also known that Alaska and Mexico were the first recipients of the fat tire electric bike. According to research, the fat tire e bike adoption rate in Alaska and Mexico has skyrocketed. More interestingly, fat tire ebikes have also gained popularity across developed regions, especially in European countries.

Types of Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat tire ebikes are further divided into three main categories for easy identification. It also helps intended riders to identify the best fat tire e bike that meets their needs.

General-Purpose Fat Tire E-bikes

General purpose ebikes are very common, as they fit into daily commuting purposes. These versatile electric bicycles can fulfill daily tasks and beat traffic while at it. The portable size of ebikes makes it easy for riders to propel forward without being dragged by a heavy-weighted bike. More interestingly, you can adjust the general-purpose fat tire e bike to customize it to your preferred mode. This involves changing the suspension system, motor power, speed capacity, and many other features.

Foldable Fat Tire E-bikes

Foldable ebikes are created to boost electric bicycle accessibility. They are defined by small frame size and net weight. This fat tire e-bike is ideal for individuals who love to ride their electric bicycle to work or cover a long distance. Since these foldable bikes can fit into a boat and big trunk, users can alternate their mode of transportation. It is also ideal for employees who work in eco-friendly companies. Many companies allow their staff to create a mini space for their e-bikes within the office. Thus, you would not need to worry about parking fees.

Hunting Fat Tire E-bikes

As the name implies, fat hunting tires are specially designed for hunters. These tires have sturdy looks and extra features similar to mountain bike specifications. A perfect example is the fat tire bicycle racks, which hunters can use to transport their tools. However, it would be best if you were careful not to overload the electric bike.

Any Difference Between Fat Tire E-bike and Traditional E-bike?

Fat tire e-bike has close similarities with the traditional e-bike, as they operate with an electric motor, battery, and pedal assist. However, they both have some significant differences. Due to its small tire wheel, a traditional e-bike cannot serve heavy-duty purposes like a fat tire e-bike. Typically, the fat tire e-bike diameter is between 3 and 5 inches. This makes fat tire e-bike ideal for rough terrain and uphill ride. Some riders fear riding uphill due to the required high power output; meanwhile, the hydraulic shock absorber in fat tire e-bike proffers a solution. 

The components' capacity differs from fat tire electric bicycles and traditional e-bikes. For instance, the fat tire electric bike has a higher battery voltage and power output than the traditional e-bike. Even though a fat tire electric bike is mainly known for rough rides, you can adjust the tire pressure to fit your ride needs. A fat tire ebike can function for your regular commute and mountain climbing. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Fat Tire E-bike

If you have decided to own a fat tire e bike, there are certain factors you need to consider. However, remember that your choice should primarily be based on your needs and requirements. 

The Electric Bike Battery

A battery is an integral part of an electric bike, so you must consider it a top priority while shopping for the best option for you. Make sure to examine the battery amp-hour rating and voltage. The voltage of your electric bike battery will determine its capacity in terms of power output. It will also affect the distance or range your electric bike battery can cover before draining. If you want a long-range ebike, this article recommends you choose between 36V and 48V. 

Another thing to bear in mind when choosing ebikes batteries is the brand. Your choice of the brand will influence the battery's durability and performance. For instance, manufacturers who use lithium-ion batteries during production, instead of the traditional lead-acid batteries, produce high-quality products. A perfect example of a brand to consider is the Haoqi fat tire electric bike.

The Motor Power

Another integral component of electric bicycles is the motor power. The higher the electric bike's watts, the higher the power output. Since a fat tire e bike is expected to ride on rough terrain, you should look for electric bikes with high power capacity. However, you must first understand the terrain you are riding on and the power capacity that best fits it. 

Average commuters can successfully achieve their daily tasks with a 250W, but it is different for an off-road or mountain rider. An off-road rider will need an e-bike between 750W and 1000W. Fortunately, most modern manufacturers usually create e-bike models between 500W and 1000W. Thus, finding the correct fat tire e bike motor output is easier than you may have thought.

The Tire and Wheels

Every fat tire e bike is expected to have a sturdy and large surface area, to allow more contact between it and the ground. The electric bike must provide balance whether you are riding on the mountain, sand, or muddy ground. If the tire gives enough grip and traction, you can enjoy maximum stability, even traveling a long distance also, if you notice slight discomfort or imbalance while on an electric bike, do not hesitate to search for a better option.

The Bike Frame

Electric bike frames are made with different materials, including steel, aluminum, titanium, and wood. Steel and aluminum frame materials are the most common, while the former is gradually replaced by the latter. Aluminum frames are lighter-weighted than steel frame materials. Although some people argue aluminum frames are less strong than steel frame materials. Meanwhile, the production techniques and methods employed during the manufacturing stage will determine the firmness of the end product. Modern e-bike models are now built with light-weighted and strong frames.

The Brake System

Since fat tire electric bicycles are heavy, you need a brake system with maximum power output. A massive brake output makes it easy to stop the electric bike while in motion. Thus, consider the number of pistons, rotor size, and brake type. Bikes with a higher rotor and piston size are best for maximum performance. Also, consider choosing the hydraulic brake type over the mechanical brake. The former has proven to be more efficient than the latter.

The Best Fat Tire E-bike

Even though needs are a significant determinant of the best suitable electric bikes, some products exhibit higher market value than others. Based on research, HAOQI Black Leopard Fat Tire Electric Bike is identified as a leading product in the e-bike market system. This product is built with a 6061 aluminum frame and 750W power output. This makes it the best option for heavy and rough riders. 

More interestingly, riders can monitor their ride performance through the LCD. It helps you to adjust your ride speed through the speedometer. This way, riders' safety is not threatened, even when riding on rough terrains or high-leveled ground. Riders can also access the distance covered to estimate if the battery power can cover the remaining distance. The built-in removable battery allows you to hold an extra battery while riding long distances. Meanwhile, the Haoqi fat tire electric bike is a long-range ebike that covers 35-60 miles on a single charge.


There are several other pieces of other information about fat tire e-bikes, but the five discussed above are the highlights. Understanding these five fat tire e-bike characteristics will improve your decision quality. Thus, you must be able to apply them while shopping for an electric bike. You may also consult an expert within the industry if you are still determining qualities to look out for which pertain to your needs.

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